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Welcome to BVE-Central

Here you will find a selection of routes and trains for the free train simulator, OpenBVE.  This site is home to a collection of 1st Generation BR DMU's including the 108, 117 and 121 Bubble cars.

You'll also find a selection of routes,  including the Island Line (Shanklin to Smallbrook), fictional Great Western Route and a tram route.

Latest News - 

March 2021

Site refreshed.

December 2020

Two new releases, Devon Metro route and Derby Lightweight objects

May 2020 

2 New releases and an update...

Class 108 2 and 4 car BR Green and BR Blue and Grey liveries - NEW!

Class 220 External views - NEW!

Class 121 / 122 Bubble car pack, 3 liveries - UPDATED!

April 2020

Class 117 and 121 DMU packs released

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